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Get involved

If you want to practice having some of these conversations in a safe space, you can join the Difficult Conversations Group.

The Difficult Conversations Group is a facilitated space with a diverse group of people who share a value for building understanding between people, but hold many different views and opinions.

People in the group support each other to reflect and challenge themselves, as well as practice talking about topics that we might normally shy away from, with respect and an open mind. The group meets monthly to have conversations on chosen topics. To join, email

Staying safe and reporting hate

Engaging people in conversations about difficult topics is only one of the options available to us when we encounter prejudice. Remember, only engage with people if it feels safe. You can always choose to express your discomfort and walk away.

If you experience a hate crime or hate incident should always report it to the Police by calling 999 in an emergency or 101 in a non-emergency. You can also report it online on True Vision:

For more information about hate crime visit: