I've heard something offensive how can I respond to the person?
I have a question to ask, how to I avoid saying something offensive?
I've been told I've said something offensive, what should I do?

Welcome! This website has been put together to help people to respond to prejudice. Often people tell us they want to respond to prejudice when they see it – but they don’t feel quite confident enough or they don’t know what to say.

To overcome this barrier, over 1000 hours of consultation has taken place with over 650 Nottingham people to understand their lived experiences of responding to prejudice. So the resources offered on this website aim to reflect the knowledge and experience of Nottingham people.

The hours of consultation covered many themes, but one key principle kept emerging… arguing does not work! If we want to respond to prejudice and change attitudes, the most effective way to do this, is through talking and listening to each other. Through talking you can question people’s behaviour, change perspectives and educate. This takes time but remember – you are planting a seed of change in people’s minds.